Al Hawa Sawa
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un Reality Show à la libanaise, 08 filles, un seul objectif , être la meilleure.
L'une des filles est Algérienne, elle a du caractére et elle en jette plein les yeux.
Notre mission est de la supporter autant que possible pour qu'elle puisse gagner.
Bon Baisers Aicha et Bon Courage.

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Saturday, March 06, 2004


Posted at 05:18 pm by Aicha-Lovers
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Sunday, February 29, 2004
Congratulations AICHA and HOSSAM

Visit Aicha Born City

Thank you very much to all people who supports Aicha.
Thank's a lot to all who send e-mail and held Aicha to be Al Hawa Sawa Bride
Thank's a lot and congratulations to AICHA and HOSSAM.

This is the link to Aicha's Born City .

Posted at 04:10 pm by Aicha-Lovers
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Tuesday, February 17, 2004
Meet Aicha wih


Name: Aicha Guerbas
Nick Name: Amal
DOB: 03 February 1983
Profession: Student
Nationality: Algerian
Horoscope: Aquarius
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Q1. How did you find out about "Al Hawa Sawa" channel?

A1. I saw the channel on TV and was enjoying it and then I decided to participate using the internet.

Q2. What were your parents comments when they found out you were participating in the program?

A2. I made up my mind to participate; they wouldn't stop me, because I decided to join.

Q3. What do you consider as the "best" moments in the house so far?

A3. The best thing ever in the house is the love and passion of the girls, they make me feel home with my family.

Q4. What do you consider as the "worst" moments in the house so far?

A4. The girls are part of me and very close to my heart, so I consider the worst moments to be when some of them left the house and when others will leave based on the votes received via SMS.

Q5. What is it like being locked in a house with other girls from all over the region?

A5. It’s a new experience for me. Actually it’s a beautiful experience being with the girls; I never felt that the doors are locked on us due to the amazing atmosphere in the house, which made me forget the outside world.

Q6. Do you think you will win? Why? Why not?

A6. Of course it would be great to win, but I always consider both results winning and losing! If I'd win, I'd be one of the happiest girls ever and if I'd lose I'd still keep smiling, because I won a lot of other things and I mean a lot.

Q7. Al Hawa Sawa has made you a public figure! How has this changed your life/personality?

A7. On the contrary, being a public figure added positive characteristics to my personality. Now I have more self confidence, and it just feels great knowing that the world can see me 24/7 and loves me.

Q8. What is the food like in the house?

A8. Food is incredible! The best thing about food is that we all now have an opportunity to taste the different food from all over the Arab world.

Q10. Are you comfortable in the house? What would you change, if you could, and why?

A10. At first, being new to the house, I wasn't feeling comfortable at all, but now, knowing the girls, I just feel like home!

Q11. Which of the girls from Al Hawa Sawa is your closest friend?

A11. I love them all and as the days pass they get closer to my heart. Rana and Rita are the closest to me in the house.

Q12. What are you looking for in a husband?

A12. I am looking for a man who is understanding, tender and generous. Apart from that he must be well educated with good experience in life and care for his wife.

Q13. Is this different than what your family is looking for?

A13. No, my choice will never change and has not changed after I have participated in this program and my parents will be happy with my choice.

Q14. What do you love about men?

A14. What I love most in a man is honesty, tenderness, generosity, well educated, loyalty, honesty and a man who cares about his family.

Q15. What do you hate about men?

A15. I hate men, who are liars, cunning cheaters the most! Also men, who easy change their temper are not my type of men.

Q16. What do you miss most about being away from home?

A16. Oh!! I miss my family so much. I miss my mum and believe me I miss her food too!

Q17. Have you ever been exposed by the media before? How does Al Hawa Sawa differ?

A17. No, I have never been on screen before. Hawa Sawa gave me the first opportunity to appear on screen for thousands of people viewing my actions and reactions around the clock.

Q18. Memories or personal moments that you wish to share with MSN Arabia?

A18. I know that MSN Arabia is a portal on the internet offering services in Arabic and is visited by thousands of people from all over the Arab world to chat and learn from the information present there. I wish I can have a page on this site even, if I am not the "Hawa Sawa Bride".

Q19. Is there a person you haven't seen for a long time, but wish to make contact with again?

A19. My close friend who is now in France. I wish I can see her soon and I miss her!

Q20. Favorite Actor/Actress: (International & Arabic)

A20. Khalid Zaki, the famous Egyptian actor, and Mel Gibson.

Q21. Favorite Film: (International & Arabic)

A21. "Hob fi el zinzana" string Adel Emam, and Titanic.

Q22. Favorite Television show (International & Arabic)

A22. George Kardahi's show "Who wants to be a Millionaire" , most of A.R.T's programs and "Le Mayou Faible".

Q23. Favorite Sports / Sports Star

A23. Volley ball is my best sport and Michael Schumacher, the famous F1 racer, is my favorite sports star.

Q24. Favorite Team

A24. Brazil's national football team.

Q25. Favorite Singer

A25. Fadel Shaker, Rageb Alama and Celine Dion.

Q26. Favorite Song (International & Arabic)

A26. All international and Arabic songs.

Q27. Dreams and Ambitions

A27. My dream and ambition in life is to reach to the target or goal I have planned in life. I hope to become a successful business lady. As I love kids like crazy, I hope that all the kids all over the world are happy.


Posted at 01:40 pm by Aicha-Lovers
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Wednesday, January 28, 2004
HAWA SAWA se paie nos têtes.

Les Votes de Hawa Sawa Truqués. Apparement les votes sont bel et bien truqués, en fait le staff de Hawa Sawa n'est pas aussi honéte qu'il nous le laisse croire.
Comment expliquer le nombre impressionant de messages pour Aicha, or que sa position ne cesse de dégringoler, c'est totalemt illogique et injuste.
On continue de voter pour Aicha, mais le realisateur de HAWA SAWA on a décidé autrement.
C'est clair, qu'il ne laisseront jamais passer une Algérienne.
AICHA on t'aime et ne sois pas triste , la bétise humaine est une réalité, elle a pour nom HAWA SAWA.
Bonne Chance AICHA on est tous avec toi.

Posted at 10:00 am by Aicha-Lovers
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Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Je comprends mal le fait d'avoir honte, avoir honte de quoi de qui, doit on avoir honte de la sincérité, doit on avoir honte de souhaiter epouser un libanais, de participer a Hawa Sawa?
Moi je qu'il y'a d'autres choses dont on devrait avoir honte, et c'est le fait qu'on ait pas confiance en sois qui nou fait grand défaut.
Les autres filles sont elles meilleures que Aicha?
En quoi le sont elles?

Infinement désolé, mais je pense que malgré tout Aicha est la plus sincére et même si certains disesnt qu'elle joue la comédie, et bien c'est une raison de plus.
Au moins elle n'est pas figée ou entrain de faire des calins comme d'autres.
Hawa Sawa est avant tout un jeu , et la meilleure joueuse est incontestablement Aicha.

Posted at 05:01 am by Aicha-Lovers
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Saturday, January 24, 2004

Thanks to provide us with new informations about El hawa sawa show.
And Congratulations AICHA for your Web Site.
We Love you all and all vote for you.
Thanks a lot Hamza The webmaster for this lovely site.

Please, your opinions still yours but moderates is a must.

Posted at 07:47 pm by Aicha-Lovers
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Wednesday, January 14, 2004
HAWA SAWA: PUFFING THE SMOKE!!!!! Three MISSY are doing it!

This is an interesting topic to write

At first i do not want to write about this until i saw Sherien's message on my zonkboard about what she heard on Hawa Sawa Program regarding RANA RITA AND SANDOS SMOKINGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!
sherien, cairo egypt » WARNING!!! rana,rita r smoking (believe me i heared the light of the cigarette,i swear) & sondous too
YES i heard it too sherien
I thought No cigarettes and alcohol are allow in the house
I think it was yesterday....I heard the 'clinging' of an ashtray fell onto the floor. I even heard the puffing and the cig lighter They were trying to get rid of the smell by switching on and off the air-condition that they have in their room.

Hey they are human. We all have our demons. Even ladies wearing Arabayah and scarves puffing the shredded tobacco NOT openly but they will do their ‘high profile’ project in the Mall’s lavatory (toilet). If you enter the Mall’s toilet, you can see them puffing the ‘dry ice’, inhale and exhale from their diaphragms. It’s not a shocking thing for me. I feel sorry and sad for these ladies. They are living in a hypocrite life style. Why do they need to cover all up (including their faces) with a 5-meter cloth, pretend to be an innocent human being in front of the public eyes?
‘Dragon Ladies’- white smoke everywhere! Bunch of good actresses.

Posted at 12:51 am by hqureshi/AM

Posted at 04:44 pm by Aicha-Lovers
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Aicha The Best

I would like to tell how much I care about Aicha, she is so funny and sweety.

Posted at 02:11 pm by Aicha-Lovers
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